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Dress-up Your Bike Contest

Don’t be Bland—Have Some Mobile Fun!

Time to Accessorize!

Without spending too much money, accessories can really make the statement you want. There is an amazing variety of bells and horns on the market, ranging from beautiful to zany. With a flick of your thumb, you can ring your chrome, colored or flowered bell on your handlebars. If you’re into toons, there are several outrageous characters to choose from.

Contest Details

What: Don’t be Bland—Have Some Mobile Fun! Dress Up Your Bike Contest

Who: All Dahon users are eligible to participate

How: Show up on event day and bring your pride and be prepared to be judged!


Criteria for judging


Observe how creative the bike is. Check if it was good in appearance and appealing to the eyes of the people. It should also be unique. To check for the creativity, uniqueness is the very considerable factor since it shows how innovative the creatorwas.

Good appearance and eye-catching.  The judge should consider the time in making the design and accessories.  It must be unique and could be physically segregated from the others. It may be complicated or simple as may be done in a short period of time.  The design must be neat and well done to catch others attention.  The design shows how talented the maker was and it proves that he can do more things.


The resourcefulness of the contestant must be considered.  Being resourceful shows how did he/she able to devise the things in other ways as to make it more eye-catching.

Relevance to the Theme

The design should be relevant to the theme given.  It should have relation to the matter and what the contest is looking for.


Judges should see to it that the work was original and was not copied from the work of the other.  It should be unique and cannot be compared to others.


The quality or state of being ridable.The bike should be durable and decorations/accessories cannot be easily damaged or fall-off. It should not be easily destroyed by simply testing it.