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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about product details, product availability, quotations, delivery, and more.

Where can I buy your products?
Our products can be found at our stores. Please click here to see the list of our stores.
What time do your stores open?
Please click here to see the operating hours of our stores.
How do I make sure that the product I want to buy is available when I go to the store? Can you guarantee it?
We cannot guarantee that your local store will have the requested item. The best way to make sure that the store has the product in stock is to call up the branch and check before you go there. Please have the item code handy for best service.
Can I reserve a product?
Yes. We do accept reservations but will require partial payment for it.
Where can I see the prices in your website?
We don’t publish our prices in our website. If you want to inquire on the price of a product, please fill out the inquiry form in the particular product page you want to inquire about.
Do you give discounts?
Yes. We do have promotional discounts on selected items. Sometimes it will be applicable on all stores or sometimes the promotion is only being offered in selected stores. Please contact the store nearest you to inquire about their promotions.
I live far from your store/s. Can I purchase products directly from your website?
No. Our website is not an online shop. However, our sales specialist can help you arrange an out-of-store transaction. Please click here to see our stores’ contact details so you may contact the store nearest you directly.
Some of your products require installation by a professional. Do you charge an additional fee for that?
It depends on the product. Some products have free installation included so you won’t have to pay an installation fee. The installation fee will depend on how long the installation will take and how many people will be needed to install the product.
Do you do delivery?
Yes. We do deliver for a fee. The delivery fee will depend on how big the item is and, of course, how far the delivery address is. To get a quotation on the delivery, please contact us and state the product and delivery address of your choice.
Do you accept third party couriers?
Yes. You will arrange the third party couriers and we will be glad to coordinate with them. This will be treated as a pick-up and not a delivery though. The product/s should be picked up in our store by third party couriers.
I can’t find a product on your website or in-store, do you still sell it?
Please call us at (+632) 412.3657 and have the product or item code handy so we can better assist you.
Do you do indent orders?
Yes. We do indent orders on selected brands and items. Please tell us the particular item you want ordered and we will let you know if it is available for indent order and how long you will have to wait.
Do you sell spare parts?
Yes. We do sell spare parts. Please contact our technical service here for your inquiries.
Do your products have warranty?
Yes. We have a product warranty attached to every product you purchase. The warranty terms and conditions in each product are different so be sure to read them upon purchase.
How do I claim my purchased product’s warranty?
First, please make sure to read the warranty terms and conditions included in your product. Then please follow the instructions written there on how you can claim your warranty. Please make sure that you have your receipt handy as our after-sales personnel will need your proof of purchase to process warranty claims.
What is covered by the warranty?
Each product has their own warranty terms and conditions. This is included in your purchase.