Product Details

LIMAR 123 download file

Model: (LMS-204) (LMS-205) (LMS-206) (LMS-207) (LMS-208) (LMS-209) (LMS-210) (LMS-211)
Brand: LIMAR


Technology :Protective Shell Glue-on Construction
Air Vents : 5
Fit: Comfort+Fit System
Webbing Bracket : No
Horizontal Adjustment : Yes
Vertical Adjustment : Yes
Weight : 200g XS(45-52cm) 230g M(50-56 cm)
Antibacterial Pads: Yes
Removable Visor : No
Bugnet: Yes
Other Features :Low nape protection and extra thick pad for great comfort

2 Year Warranty and 3 Year Crash Replacement Program